‘Vendée Globe’ – Robin Elsey

This promotional video was produced for Robin Elsey, a British racing sailor who will be competing in the Vendée Globe 2020. As a sailor who has been involved in many races in the past, the Vendée Globe has been the one on the list to conquer.

The Vendée Globe is a prestigious, single-handed, non-stop race around the world, from the start to finish location of Les Sables-d’Olonne, a seaside town in the French region of Pays de la Loire. The race has historically taken between 74 and 163 days and today involves around 30 sailors, not all of whom finish the race due to varying circumstances.

This short, promotional film was put together using the latest, cutting-edge video editing software. It includes a range of historic clips from the famous race, TV-broadcasts and aerial shots, as well as personal racing footage from Robin Elsey, aimed to grip and excite the viewer.

Alongside this professionally put-together video edit, is the sound design. This has been crafted in such a way to aid the video edit, aimed to additionally draw in new and potential spectators, or even future racers themselves. The sound design aims to create excitement and interest in to what is a severely challenging race, whilst simultaneously creating a smooth, yet thrilling, viewing experience for the video.

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