On Exmoor

This short film, Panoptic on Exmoor, showcases what we here at Panoptic are all about. Good times, great filming and amazing results!

Exmoor National Park is a place very close to our hearts, and one of our favourite places to film! With its unique landscape and hugely diverse wildlife, Exmoor’s beauty is hard to miss. However, being able to do such a magnificent place justice is frequently a challenge in itself. That’s where we come in.

With our highly trained crew and their expertise, the state-of-the-art technology, equipment and vehicles that we have at our dispense, we are able to capture the unthinkable in the clearest of details and to make sure that what we produce does such a place the justice it deserves.

Having a Land Rover Discovery allows us to access the almost-untouched and hidden locations throughout Exmoor, whatever challenges we face along the way (rivers are our favourite). An absolute weapon like this also provides us with a platform that we are able to film from, in whatever terrain, by sending the drone up in the sky, or filming from the warm inside.

This film is only a taste of what we have to offer, and with that in mind it’s clear to see that the potential is absolutely endless.

Whoever the client, Whatever the weather, Wherever the place, Whenever the time of year, you come to ask yourself ‘Why would I not go with Panoptic?’.

Contact us if you’d like something similar for your brand/business. You will not be disappointed with the results, trust us!

Behind the scenes

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