About Us /

We are innovative /

We strive to push boundaries with both our production and editing techniques. We are big advocates of 'knowledge is power', you will regularly catch us researching new styles or creating weird and wonderful camera mounts & accessories to keep your content original!

We are versatile /

You will never hear us say no! We take our skill sets with us everywhere to film in those hard to reach areas, the skies, in/on the water, underground or even upside down if you asked us to! Our specialist equipment allows us to tackle anything at any time!

We are passionate /

Being innovative and versatile not enough? Well our team are passionate about all things video and anything even remotely geeky. We all take personal pride in every aspect of your project, from start to finish and beyond!


We’re a fast-moving progressive company made up of a group of very talented young professionals, all whom have a love of all things creative and digital.

Our team has all the necessary skillsets to produce first class videos that empower our clients to showcase their businesses to the highest standard right across their existing web and social media platforms.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority in everything that we do, with our team always on hand to assist our clients with the smooth integration of our products into their existing marketing programmes.

Here at Panoptic we’ve amassed an impressive list of clients, including Ferrari, the M.O.D and the BBC along with companies from a huge variety of business sectors across the UK all of whom have recognised the quality of the products and the customer service we provide.

As a team we all take pride in what we do and who we do it for, we always go that extra mile to assist our clients in achieving their goals with a can-do attitude.

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We know that each client has different needs, that's why we've evolved to offer a myriad of digital solutions. Need a video? We've got you covered! Virtual Walkthroughs. Ticked. Aerial photography? Tick. Your website not quite cutting it anymore? We can do that too. You name it and we can do it!

We are possibly the most versatile video production company out there!

Air, Land & Sea – We’ve got you covered.

Because we can implement Drones, Masts and Cable Cameras for our aerial shots, conventional high quality gear for terra firma, and operate our own offshore RIB film boat, you’ll struggle to find a job we can’t complete. We also have our own in-house green screen and audio recording gear. You name it, we can do it.

Impressive, right?