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We’re redefining the way businesses market their brick-and-mortar spaces online with cutting-edge virtual tours using Matterport technology.

As pioneers in the virtual tour industry, we specialise in crafting immersive digital experiences for clients in the property, construction, hospitality, and automotive sectors.

Our unparalleled 360° virtual experiences are enhanced with clickable tags, links and embedded videos at key locations to explain or highlight features of your property or business.

Showcase spaces like never before.


Google Trusted Photographers

What sets us apart is not only our technology but also our Google Trusted status. Consequently, this ensures your virtual tours are compatible with Google platforms, helping you catapult your online presence to new heights.

We adhere to Google’s stringent standards, ensuring that our 360° virtual tours seamlessly integrate with Google Street View and Google My Business. As a result, this drives increased visibility on Google Maps, priority in search results and increased engagement on our client’s websites.

For more information on how our Google-ready virtual tours could help your business and its web traffic, visit our Google Street View page.

A screen shot from a virtual tour of a motorbike showroom. It shows two lines of motorbikes in a brightly lit showroom.

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Experience Counts

We provide bespoke Matterport tours to commercial agents, estate agents, commercial & residential developers, plus hotel & event space owners. Our vast experience in the property marketing field has helped to market over £3.1bn worth of properties through the use of video, aerial stills and our immersive 360° virtual tours. The team at Panoptic Motion has captured virtual tours of houses new and old, apartments, shopping centres, hotels, construction sites, events spaces, vehicles, exhibitions, cruises and even yachts. In short, if you’ve got a space that needs showcasing, we can scan it!

Panoptic Motion was proud to be the first approved Matterport Service Provider in the UK when it was released. Our HQ is in the South West however we have offices in London and a fleet of cameras being utilised by our operators servicing contracts all over the UK on a daily basis.

Interior of a large, light open-plan living area taken by our commercial photographers

Aerial Guides

We offer 360-degree Aerial Guides that are crafted with precision using cutting-edge drone technology.

Our Aerial Guides are not just a video tour. Take your audience on breathtaking interactive journeys over hotels, wedding venues, expansive holiday properties, large-scale real estate listings, new housing developments, and construction sites.

Using state-of-the-art aerial imagery, we create bespoke aerial tours that allow you to virtually navigate between landmarks on your property or around your business. In addition, aerial guides can be integrated with our Matterport tours for a full interior, exterior and aerial experience for prospective buyers, investors and clients.

Our personalised system means we can match the user interface with your existing web design and branding. By seamlessly blending technology and creativity, we empower our clients to elevate their brand presence.

For hotels and wedding venues, it’s a chance to showcase breathtaking landscapes; for real estate, it’s about offering a comprehensive view of properties.

Whether it’s the allure of a holiday retreat or the progress of a construction project, our aerial guides not only capture attention but create a lasting impression, amplifying the narrative of your brand in ways that traditional media simply can’t match.

Google ready tours

Google-ready tours

3D experiences

3D experiences

Virtual reality

Virtual reality

Floor plans

Floor plans

High-resolution photography

High res photography

Are Virtual Tours Worth It For My Business?

In today’s digital age, the way businesses present themselves to potential customers has evolved significantly. For businesses ranging from hotels and leisure complexes to factories and car showrooms, investing in virtual tours can be a game-changer. Let’s explore the myriad of benefits of integrating 360° virtual tours into your business strategy.

Virtual tours provide a unique and immersive experience for potential customers. Unlike traditional photographs or videos, our Matterport tours allow viewers to navigate and explore a property or facility as if they were physically present. This level of interactivity enhances engagement and provides a more comprehensive understanding of the space.

By making use of platforms like Google Street View and Google My Business, businesses can significantly enhance their online presence. These platforms seamlessly integrate virtual tours, offering prospective customers a dynamic and interactive preview of the business.

This not only improves your Google search rankings but also attracts more attention from users browsing through local listings.


For properties, hotels, and leisure complexes, an interactive 360° tour offers an ideal platform to showcase unique features and amenities. Whether it’s a luxurious suite, state-of-the-art facilities, or picturesque surroundings, virtual tours allow potential customers to explore and appreciate these features, influencing their decision-making process positively.

Transparency is key in gaining the trust of potential customers. Virtual tours provide an authentic representation of your business, allowing customers to see exactly what they can expect. This transparency builds trust and credibility, as customers feel more confident in their decision to engage with your services or products.

Traditionally, property viewings, factory tours, or showroom visits require a considerable investment of time and resources. Virtual tours eliminate the need for physical visits, saving both businesses and customers valuable time and money. This is especially crucial in today’s fast-paced world, where convenience is highly valued.

360-degree virtual tours can play a pivotal role in training, offering a dynamic approach to onboarding new employees and interns. Unlike conventional e-learning, virtual training immerses individuals in simulated work environments, allowing them to engage with specific tasks and gain familiarity with their roles. This not only enhances understanding but also facilitates assessment through interactive quizzes and evaluations.

Additionally, in high-risk settings like construction sites or factories, where safety is paramount, virtual tours ensure employees can be trained effectively without physical exposure to potential hazards, contributing to a secure and thorough onboarding process.


In industries where competition is fierce, staying ahead is crucial. Offering virtual tours sets your business apart from competitors who may still rely on conventional marketing methods. It positions your brand as innovative and forward-thinking, catering to the preferences of modern consumers.

Investing in this new technology is a strategic move that can revolutionise the way your business is perceived online. From enhancing customer experience and increasing visibility on Google to building trust and saving time, the benefits are extensive. As technology continues to shape consumer expectations, businesses that embrace virtual tours are better positioned to thrive in the digital landscape.

Take the leap into the future of marketing — invest in virtual tours and elevate your business presence to new heights.

Fancy a virtual tour of your own space?

Showcase your space to potential customers without them having to step foot out the house.

Virtual tours are proven to increase engagement with your website, boosting sales and brand awareness.

Touch It Let your visitors interact with your space
Share It Boost social engagement
Promote It More interest than photos alone

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