Faces of Devon – Sarah

Born and raised at West Ilkerton Farm near Lynton, North Devon, farmer Sarah Eveleigh is passionate about educating visitors about the region’s agriculture. Located next door to Exmoor National Park, the farm has an unbroken line of famous Red Ruby Devon Cattle and Exmoor Horn Sheep that have been bred over many generations.

We were teamed up to shoot with Beau on behalf of Visit Devon as part of their ongoing marketing campaign ‘Faces of Devon’. This campaign gives a spotlight to key figures throughout the county allowing each to show off their special ‘slice’ of Devon.

Our lens takes a glimpse at farm life in North Devon and showcases Sarah’s passion for agricultural heritage and the clever way she’s combined this with Devon’s tourism industry. Sarah and her family offer farm tours to introduce people to the region’s rare breeds, including their herd of Exmoor Ponies and educate them on the wildlife conservation projects they’re undertaking.

Explore the campaign further as we highlight other key figures and gain insights into their inspiring roles within Devon. Meet Georgina, Tich, Mitch, Beau & Dick and discover the collective impact they have  on our community.

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