Faces of Devon – Beau

Beau is a qualified professional surf coach based and operating out of the stunning Croyde Bay in North Devon. Offering expert coaching and tuition to athletes throughout North Devon’s beautiful and diverse beaches.

We were teamed up to shoot with Beau on behalf of Visit Devon as part of their ongoing marketing campaign ‘Faces of Devon’. This campaign gives a spotlight to key figures throughout the county allowing each to show off their special ‘slice’ of Devon.

Our lens delves into the vibrant coastal scene of North Devon to showcase the passion and expertise of Surf Coach Beau. This promotional video isn’t just about the waves; it’s a visual journey into the soulful connection between surfer and sea. Beau’s infectious enthusiasm for surfing and coaching becomes a captivating focal point in Visit Devon’s broader campaign, embodying the adventurous spirit that defines this captivating region.

Explore further into the campaign as we highlight other key figures and gain insights into their inspiring roles within Devon. Meet Georgina, Mitch, Tich, Dick & Sarah and discover the collective impact they have on our community.

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