English National Surf Championships

2020 has been a year of unprecedented firsts, from worldwide lockdowns to work from home orders which made it all the more rewarding to head out once again to crown the English National champions of surfing. We had a great time as always, filming the event from set up and paddle out, through to the last wave and award presentations. As Surfing England’s¬†official media partner it’s always an honour to hit the beach and shoot these events throughout the year.

When filming on the beach, the environment can present it’s own unique challenges which means that we have to adopt a fresh approach to the way we film when to compared to the other projects we work on. These include unique drone angles, long lens shots from elevated ground and using camera water housings to allow us to get into the surf amongst the action.

We’ve been all over the country covering events. Everything from surf competitions and sports car shows to trade shows and music festivals. In that time we’ve established how to produce captivating event films to suit your needs! Sounds awesome right? Contact us if you’d like outstanding event coverage of your own!

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