Eco Wagon Expo Plus Matterport Tour

Eco Wagon is a camper conversion company based outside Redruth, Cornwall. They specialise in building luxury camper vans using sustainable fittings and they needed to find a way to promote the different types of camper van conversions and builds to use on their website.

With our technology we can scan in smaller spaces where photography wouldn’t be able to capture the large room inside, which is perfect for these campers. The models we created allow you to see every detail of the work put into these amazing vans. Have a look around and you’ll fall in love with how easy in it to navigate around the vans.

The hardest part of marketing for vehicles can be giving customers an insight into the cars and discovering the hidden features inside the vehicles and the special specs of each car. Too often photographic work presents an unrealistic image of a car, or it doesn’t have the capacity to show off intricate details or features that car buyers will love. Our 360 tours or ‘walkthroughs’ let customers explore the car of their dreams at their own leisure and from the comfort of their own home.

The addition of ‘mattertags’ allow us to ‘tag’ up models. A tag is essentially a physical link which people can interact with as they walk through a space. These link back to webpages for example showcasing a video of the relevant car, engine specs, more information or a direct link to a test drive or purchase with the retailor.

By placing our camera at intervals throughout the space we can create internal walkthroughs that allows viewers to walk through a location, from the exterior to the interior within a few clicks of a button. This allows the viewer to view every angle at their own pace on their computer, tablet or even phone from the luxury of their home. Our walkthroughs are easily embeddable on websites, and provide a great amount of user interaction, with the average viewing time between 3-4 minutes, much longer than with photo or other content.

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    Expo Campervan Virtual Tour | Eco Wagon

    EcoWagon take used and brand new vans such as VW Transporters, Renault Traffics, Peugeot Boxers and Fiat Ducatos, giving them a new lease of life as luxury camper vans. Using sustainable timber and recycled insulation materials, the team of highly professional and skilled craftsmen work together to create their unique and saught after camper vans. They contacted us asking to provide them a unique and special way of showcasing a selection of their range including this Eco Wagon Expo model. So we we created this exciting campervan virtual tour.

    Using a matterport system we created these fully immersive virtual walkthroughs of the vans to show off the interior and exterior of the products.

    Along with the fluid virtual walkthrough model, we can create photorealistic 3D dolls-house views and floor plans, allowing your audience to interact in a completely new, exciting and unrivalled format. With our new breed of fully Immersive 3D / 360 virtual tours we are aiming to change the way that people view and buy cars. Our new Matterport scanning technology creates a Photo-Realistic immersive experience, allowing prospective buyers to visit and explore showrooms and vehicles online as if they had physically stepped inside the building or driving seat itself.

    The addition of ‘mattertags’ allow us to ‘tag’ up cars and other vehicles or showrooms. A tag is essentially a physical link which people can interact with as they walk through a space. These link back to webpages, for example showcasing the car retailers contact information at the click of a button, informing costs and prices, as well as being able to directly link to the booking a test drive.

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    Day Van Matterport Tour | Eco Wagon

    The ‘Day Van’ camper conversion gives you all the benefits of a full conversion, this works really well and still allows the vehicle to be classed as a motor caravan. We took our matterport camera to the EcoWagon showroom to produce a virtual walkthrough of the converted camper to showcase it to the public and potential customers that are interested in looking at getting a converted campers of their own.

    Using this style of photography is great as it allows full access to both inside and outside the vehicle with ease with the viewers command, unlike traditional still photography.

    Panoramas, Virtual tours, Photography & Videos have been around for years, however we can now create fully immersive 360 virtual tours in high resolution HDR, with clear perspective and definition that allows the user to effectively judge size, space and dimension, which is perfect for deciding and choosing which car your next going to buy. We have the ability to link to vehicle specs and parts, video content, sign up pages or even test drive booking pages from within the 3D models allowing a truely immersive experience. We have future proofed the service by ensuring it is ready to be converted for use on Virtual reality (VR) headsets.

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