Offshore Raiding Craft

For this Royal Marines video we were tasked to provide practical footage during craft trials for the Royal Marines Craft Trials and Training Wing in North Devon. The major challenges we faced were filming over water and the odd seagull with a bad attitude.

We were able to fly the drones from our specially equipped Film Boat for which we also use as launch platform for our drone systems. This allowed us to track the target vessel keeping within the 500M Max distance. It also removed the need for creating sterile areas from which would normally be the case. Special thanks to the Marines and HollyHead Marine for allowing us to use some of the clips for promotional purposes.

Aerial Footage adds extra depth to your video content. Aerial shots tend to hold viewers attention for longer on social media, as it’s a view they haven’t seen before and everyone loves a drone shot, right?

Panoptic Motion & Skylens Aerial Imaging are a match made in heaven. We share a parent company, share team members, offices, phone lines and admin staff. This enables us to deliver unrivalled content while keeping costs to a minimum.

Check the Skylens Aerial Imaging Website out to find out more!


Looking at this aerial footage has reinforced my opinion that footage like this to record trials is absolutely essential to move forward and deliver a quality report and record of the trials. We have never been able to capture footage like this and believe its invaluable for us on so many levels. Its also my belief that this is essential to our business output and remaining credible.

" Rob Lamerton - Officer In Charge - Craft Trials & Training Squadron

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