BRIG UK Rigid Intelligence Boats

We were invited down to help celebrate and film the event conducted by BRIG UK, we were asked to provide the aerial footage to include into a highlight showcase of the event which will then be used to as a promotional video on the clients website and social media etc.

We had great fun filming this event, being out on the water amongst the action really makes you feeling like you were part of the event when watching it back over. Its a great way of selling a product, giving the audience an idea of what the product looks and feels like without actually being there in person.

By working closely with numerous brands we have an earned a great reputation as specialists in production of high quality promotional/events videos. Our cutting-edge drones and mast-mounted camera systems will showcase every moment from the best angles, capturing the views that will make your video a rememberable one.

Whether its a coastal/waterside event, a luxury wedding or a music festival our stunning video productions will showcase your events in the best light.

Sounds great right? Thats because it is! Contact us if you’d like a stunning promotional video of your own.


Behind the scenes

Discover the world’s most advanced rigid inflatable boats. At BRIG, we fuse the cutting-edge design, technology and precision engineering of military aeronautics with the very finest marine craftsmanship. We have created a new generation of affordable yet uncompromised RIBs that deliver the very highest levels of performance, safety and enjoyment.

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