Dryrobe Promotional Video

We were contacted by the very popular water sports clothing company Dryrobe, they approached us asking if we could produce them a short 40 seconds promotional video showcasing the product and its uses in relation to a surf/water sport events such as the national surfing competition held at Perrenporth Beach, Cornwall.

We featured many different shots of both land and sea, including many products clips of the Dryrobe’s being worn by numerous surfers competing in the event. The shots really help promote exactly what the product is used for and shows how helpful they can be when trying to keep warm in between surf heats and perfect for getting changed out of your wetsuit.

It was great event to be involved with and we had a lot of fun flying the drone above the surfers to create those awesome angles that you can’t create through standard filming based on dry land, the surfers love looking back over the footage so see themselves performing the surfing manuvers from an unseen angle.

We work with you to understand your brand DNA, this enables us to produce unrivalled video content allowing you to elevate your ideas & projects to the next level. We’re there to make your product/business look good!

Promotional video works, its sets you apart from your competition and gets the audience engaged in what you are trying to promote to them. Consumers would much rather spend 2-3 minutes watching a promotional video, than spending 20-25 minutes reading the same text you can get across in a short video.

There is no other form of marketing that can offer such impressive results and reach that many people in such a small amount of time, imagine what a successful video could do for your company, why wait to find out? Contact us.

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