Surfing GB Bude Recap

We have a long partnership with Surfing GB and regularly film events for them such as this Ripcurl Gromsearch event. With ongoing events such as these we offer a range of video options including creating short teasers on the day for immediate social media coverage or daily videos such as this for the first day of this event.

Using our DJI drones and ground cameras we can provide both aerial and comprehensive ground footage for your event to cover it from both the air and in the midst of the action down below. Using aerial footage adds a great perspective to our content and views that people don’t normally get to see which will make the video one to remember for our viewers. For our ground shots we either use Panasonic GH5’s on tripods, Sliders and Steady Cams.

We’ve been up and down the country covering countless types of events, everything from Surf Competitions, Sports Car Functions and Music Festivals. Having spent so much time capturing unique events we’ve established a great feel for exactly what works and what is needed to produce a stunning events film to serve your exact needs.

Contact us if you’d like a film production for up and coming events, don’t miss out!

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