Promotional Video

We were contacted and asked if we could provide a new promotional video for the Bideford based company Advanced Pallet Systems. The company provides high quality packing solutions, from pallets, crates, cardboard boxes to adhesive tape. We were requested to provide a promotional video which showcases the company and the products they produce.

We created this promotional video on the bases that it needed to be short and engaging for the viewers. Portraying across the production line, we followed along side (even in the machinery in some cases!) and told a production story from start to finish, a journey through the warehouse stopping at each of the stages, ending on the lorry and being transported out to the customers.

Video sells, as the world goes digital, it’s clear that videos sell holiday cottages/rentals. The use of video is helping vendors sell more holidays than ever, it gives the customer great background knowledge before heading to the booking page of your site to finalise their decision. Customers will always chose the property that has the best information and knowledge surrounding it, why limit yourself to photos alone? video is your best friend!

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