Promotional Video

We were approached by Frame Homes UK to produce a video showcasing their manufacturing process and delivery from start to finish. The footage was combined with production of a virtual tour for which we placed lots of different clips within the virtual model.

Frame Homes have a highly effective streamlined process for manufacturing timber frames. We spent the day in their state of the art factory covering all angles of the timber frame building process. We aimed to take the viewer through a journey while they watched the video, we completed this by documenting every stage of the build throughout each piece of machinery.

Alongside the main final video we created a series of shorter videos that will be used in the virtual tour, this is a great way of combining the two and seamlessly joins the virtual tour and video and this creates an unrivalled image of the factory and machinery. Not only are you watching the piece of machinery is doing but you also know exactly where it is located in the factory.

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Factory Warehouse Virtual Tour | Frame Homes

Following up with our promotional video we created for Frame Homes we also created an amazing warehouse virtual tour of the main factories where the timber frames are manufactured. Partnering the video along with the virtual gives the client the ultimate weapon when it comes to showcasing their brand online to potential clients.

The aim of the warehouse virtual tour was to give an insight into how the factory operates along with the equipment/machinery that is used to manufacture the finished timber frames. We took special detail in scanning in and around the machinery as this will be very important to showcase when virtually walking through the factory, it also doubles as a a great benchmark to attach the matter tags which will hold the video clips of the machinery in action.

The addition of ‘mattertags’ allow us to ‘tag’ up the models. A tag is essentially a physical link which people can interact with as they walk through the warehouse, these can contain anything from a still image, short video clips, links back to clients webpages a just a simple informative text box, these are perfect for the Frame UK warehouses as they clearly showcase each piece of machinery and the label portrays exactly what its does and its name.

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