‘Adaptive Surf Training’ – Spike Kane

Through the use of presentation and interview styled footage along with cutaway clips, we portrayed a story through the eyes of Spike Kane an adaptive surfer explaining his passion for surfing and the joy he gets out of it. The video involves Spike talking about his past experience and shows surfers and coaches learning the skill of how to use the equipment to assist adaptive surfers into enjoying their passion.

Our mission was to create a short video which not only gives people the confidence in aiding adaptive surfers but also encourage more viewers to give adaptive surfing a try and showcase how fun it can be, as well as developing and promoting a healthy surfing community.

We’ve been up and down the country covering countless types of events, everything from Surf Competitions, Sports Car Functions and Music Festivals. Having spent so much time capturing unique events we’ve established a great feel for exactly what works and what is needed to produce a stunning events film to serve your exact needs. Using our top of the range specialist equipment and our expert knowledge and experience we will make your film production an unforgettable one, we go out of our way to create something special, we continuously think outside of the norm for all of our film events.

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