Matterport Virtual Tour |

We have been commissioned to scan many of’s properties across the South West. It’s been a great project, allowing us to see’s fantastic portfolio.

The virtual tours will enable potential guests to really get an idea of the property they are booking before they arrive, above and beyond any way conventional photography could.

The virtual tours also help manage guest expectations, leaving the home owners with the reassurance that they won’t get any bad reviews or difficult guests – as the guest knows fully what to expect before they book.

We can’t wait to continue scanning properties and view more of the amazing spots the South West and wider England has to offer.

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    Panoptic Motion provided us with a complete marketing solution for our hotel. The virtual walkthroughs have been a complete breakthrough.

    We can now show off our rooms, bar, reception and spa in more detail than photography has ever allowed us. It allows our guests to view our rooms from the comfort of their own home. The stats speak for themselves. Our walkthroughs have already had nearly 60,000 views.

    Julian Swanne - Marketing Director