Fake Festival Official After Movie ’18

Following onwards from the previous years of Fake Festivals, this one was by far the biggest and best! We spent the entire weekend backstage with the acts, immersing ourselves into the rock and roll lifestyle of the bands and the crowds. Covering absolutely everything from music, food and drink, campsite antics to epic drone shots we truly captured the festival vibe. The festival is situated in a beautiful show ground based on the outskirts of Nottingham, surrounded by lakes, gorgeous fields and tall trees which made for a beautiful opening and closing shots for the drone to capture the landscape around the festival as well as pinning the location. Making the festival video that extra bit special.

We’ve been up and down the country covering countless types of events, everything from Surf Competitions, Sports Car Functions and Music Festivals. Having spent so much time capturing unique events we’ve established a great feel for exactly what works and what is needed to produce a stunning events film to serve your exact needs. Fake Festivals are very active on social media and love using our videos to upload constant content before and after the events to keep their target audience hooked and wanting more in the future. Video is a perfect way of instantly increasing your social media reach and improve your conversion rate through online traffic on your webpages, video audience keeps getting bigger and bigger each year, don’t wait until its too late!

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