Lynmouth Coastal Retreat

Discover the beauty of Tors Park, located in Lynton & Lynmouth. They needed a video that showcases their luxury self-catering accommodations and the incredible sea views overlooking the picturesque fishing harbour.

After some time and consideration, our team put together an idea that immerses the viewer into this alluring bay area of North Devon. This narrative-driven video saw the team work closely with a couple of engaging models across multiple film shoots, capturing the essence of Tors Park’s surroundings. From the sweeping panoramas atop Exmoor to the peaceful pebble beaches of Lynmouth Bay, each frame tells a story of tranquility. The seamless interplay between the models and the breathtaking landscapes creates an authentic and inviting atmosphere, allowing viewers to envision themselves immersed in the unique charm of Tors Park.

The team was ecstatic with the results and thoroughly enjoyed filming the old-school Land Rover that featured in the video too! The vintage charm of the Land Rover added a delightful touch to the overall project, and the team’s enthusiasm for capturing its essence paired well with the rest of the filming process.

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