Labrador Bay

Bringing another one of VESP Architects’ projects to life with Labrador Bay House. This project focuses on a replacement dwelling tucked away above the Shaldon coastline, VESP wanted our help in showcasing the captivating design and how it seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape.

Our commitment to client satisfaction goes beyond the lens. We undergo countless revisions until we ensure the client, in this case, VESP Architects, is not just satisfied but thrilled with the final outcome. Through feedback from VESP, we soon learned they appreciate and incorporate shots that are flat in design, straight on, and possess depth – a style that resonates seamlessly with the architectural vision of Labrador Bay. This iterative process ensures that every frame aligns perfectly with the client’s vision and exceeds expectations.

From pristine sea views that stretch to neighbouring wooded valleys, every scene is a testament to the fusion of modern aesthetics and natural topography.

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