Aerial Footage of Exmoor Stags in Exmoor National Park

This Exmoor stags video was captured when we were out filming sunrise on Exmoor national park when a large herd of Red Deer came close to us. We couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to capture some magnificant footage of these enchanting beasts!

While filming we had to consider not impacting on the herd or causing any undue stress on them. We used our drone systems to capture the footage from a distance ensuring that when we felt they noticed the drone to back off. A lot of the footage is cropped in to make it appear closer that it really was!

It was a very special moment and we were extremely lucky to see this let alone film it! Having the drone made this video happen as you’d never be able to approach the herd while on foot and get angles such as these.

Panoptic Motion & Skylens Aerial Imaging are a match made in heaven. We share a parent company, share team members, offices, phone lines and admin staff. This enables us to deliver unrivalled content while keeping costs to a minimum.

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