Matterport Show Home Virtual Tour | Burrington Estates

We were asked to create a series of matterport show home virtual tours for Burrington Estate, they needed an exciting and engaging way to show off the internal spaces of their new homes in a way that traditional photography could not achieve. The tours we have created over the years for Burrington Estates are embedded onto their websites and showcase each of their development sites, featuring each of their unique show home types.

This allows easy access for potential buyers to explore their portfolio and chose the house type that best suits the buyer, without them having to travel and view the site in person, or even before the new site is built.

By placing our camera at intervals throughout the house we can create internal walkthroughs that allows viewers to explore the property on a path of their choice. This also gives the viewer am opportunity to view every angle and room at their own pace on their computer, tablet or even phone from the luxury of their home. Our walkthroughs are easily embeddable on websites and social platforms, providing a great user interactions. Viewing times average between 3 to 4 minutes, much longer than other types of content such as still photography.

The walkthroughs are also compatible with virtual reality goggles which is an exciting way to view the spaces.

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