Stowford Caravan Park | Matterport Virtual Tour


This Matterport caravan virtual tour was created for Stowford Caravan Park to promote their brand new Stowford Caravan using our exciting new Matterport technology.

Because this was a specially commissioned caravan, Stowford wanted to showcase the key features and installations of the caravan. They enlisted us to create this Matterport caravan tour as traditional photography methods often don’t give an accurate representation of the size and spaciousness of the caravan. Our 360 tours or ‘walkthroughs’ allow people to explore each caravan of their dreams at their own leisure, from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual Tour Info

We saw an amazing video made by Panoptic Motion on social media, so we looked them up and asked them to create a video for us. They came out and discussed what we wanted and created the perfect video with a fitting soundtrack, we’ve since shared it on YouTube, Facebook and our website and had a lot of great feedback from our customers.

We’ve tried to increase the amount of video content on our website over the last couple of years as we feel it’s very important for our internet ranking and customer engagement on our website and social media. Thanks very much.

Jo Smith - Park Manager