Air Extreme Easter Egg Hunt

This was probably one of our most unusual and fun virtual walkthroughs to date! The Trampoline Park Virtual Tour was made as a special virtual easter egg hunt which will allow visitors to Air Extreme’s website to explore the trampoline park and collect easter eggs as they go. Their are various prizes on offer for the first people to collect all the eggs.

Air Extreme’s web developer Sam from SiteShell was very creative in finding a way to create a virtual egg basket alongside the virtual tour, this kept a record of what eggs have been collected and how many more were needed.

Matterport virtual walkthroughs offer the highest form of immersive user engagement for online content. This combined with giving people a reward for exploring the trampoline park meant the results were successful.

The virtual walkthroughs can be simply embedded into any website and shared on social media or in emails via simple link.

Not only can Air Extreme easily embed these virtual tours or ‘walkthroughs’ straight into their website, but they can be used offline on a variety of mobile devices including iPads and iPhones. Virtual walkthroughs are considered to be ‘active’ immersive content, which invite viewers to engage with what they are seeing instead of just to ‘sit back and watch’

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