Wild Wood Spa x Wayfair | Luxury Holiday Cottage Video

New to Ravendere Retreats, Wild Wood Spa is a luxurious self contained accommodation in the stunning village of Lee Bay.

Recently completed, our client was eager to showcase the sense of relaxation and features of the Spa.

Over the course of two visits, our team set out to create this content, using both ground and aerial footage from daylight to dusk we really captured the mood and vibe of the luxury stay.

Woodland Spa Virtual Tour

A returning customer, Ravendere Retreats returned to us to help produce content for their new luxury accommodation, the Wild Wood Spa.

A stunning location, nested within Lee Bay Woods. Our client wanted to show off not only the location but how secluded the property is.

Alongside a virtual tour, a promotional video and aerial video and stills were produced. With all of this, we were able to create some stunning content for the Wild Wood Spa.

Our Matterport tour has enabled potential customer the ability to view the space and plan their trip ahead of time.

Why leave it to chance when you can now explore a space virtually? Get in touch today to give your client access to the virtual space.


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