UNESCO Biosphere | Wildlife Video

We were thrilled to be asked to help our local Biosphere Nature Improvement Group member, he asked if we could help create a short video which will encourage North Devon’s locals to do their part to help protect our nature and wildlife. The video is part of a crowdfunding campaign to raise money and encourage local authorities and national governments to invest time and money into helping preserve our stunning nature.

This job was fairly unique as we didn’t have to film to gain the clips. The majority of the footage was donated to us and we had the task of putting together a short video for the public to watch. We often find this common issue, as its really easy to film and collect clips but the hard put is creating a short clip or film that will attract and get the viewers attention. If your in need of a short video to be edited together to a soundtrack or if you’re lacking that creative spark, we will happily do the hard part for you. Contact us



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