Stratford Paddocks, Stratford-Upon-Avon

This short film involves a presenter-led tour around a new and beautiful modern home at Stratford Paddocks – one of Oliver Knight New Homes latest property development sites.

Oliver Knight needed to showcase the luxury homes in a unique way, so partnering our aerial footage and stunning ground shots with Oliver narrating throughout the video was a perfect match.

The viewer will be engaged at all times, visually exploring the house and space around, whilst subconsciously taking in the information that Oliver wants to portray regarding the property.

Such intricate levels of detail were achieved by the use of our state-of-the-art drones and mast-mounted camera systems, operated by our highly trained and professional crew.

The aerial footage was captured by our fully licensed and experienced drone pilots, filming from angles and heights only accessible with a drone, or similar, allowing viewers and potential customers to have a full appreciation for the size and beauty of both the property and space around.

On the ground, the use of the camera and gimbal promoted an extraordinary level of stabilisation, providing viewers with utmost smooth, comfortable and leisurely viewing experience, which is deserved for such a luxurious property.

Whether it is a coastal or waterside property, a luxury country estate, or working agricultural land, our stunning video productions will show your properties in the best light. Plus, you can introduce your property buyers to the surroundings with our area guides, tailor-made to show the local towns, villages, countryside and beaches.

Contact us if you’d like a stunning property video of your own.

Grand Chain New Developments

This was the second presenter led video tour we created for our client Oliver Knight New Homes.

These beautiful new build homes needed an exciting way of showing off the luxury finish and beautiful ground surrounding the homes. The viewer will be engaged at all times while taking in the information that Oliver wanted to portray regarding the new developments.

This particular home is situated on one of the clients newest developments which is located near the town of Welford-on-Avon.


Behind the scenes

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