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St. Michael’s hotel is a luxury spa hotel and resort located in Falmouth, Cornwall. Recently the hotel has undergone a serious renovation and has invested in a new state of the art health club and fitness suite including, treatment rooms, gyms, swimming pools and spin class rooms. We had the privilege to intend and help promote the new improvements to the public.

We visited the hotel on a few separate occasions, each time we were able to collect even more unique footage from the last trip, this meant we had many options to play with when it came to editing the video together. We included many different shooting styles throughout this video and we feel it gives a great edge and sets it apart from other more common hotel promotional videos. Some of these techniques include drone footage, under water housings, sliders, ronin steady cams and more traditional ground based shots to cover all angles.

Apart from showcasing the new refurbished health suites we also focused greatly on the lifestyle surrounding the hotel including the rooms, food and activities you can undertake while you stay at the hotel, we really have covered all bases with this promotional video and the clients were over the moon with the end result.

We’re there to make you look good! Audience’s are much more likely to enjoy watching a short video that is 2-3 minutes long than reading the same amount of information in text form which can take 15-20 minutes to read, we make it easy for your target audience.¬†Alongside this, video is a perfect way of instantly increasing your social media reach and improve your conversion rate through online traffic on your webpages, video audience keeps getting bigger and bigger each year, don’t wait until its too late!

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