St Johns Garden Centre Christmas Promotional Video

This winter we were contacted by the Barnstaple based St Johns Garden Centre to help create a promotional video which showcased the brilliant Christmas themed gardening store. We jumped at the opportunity and we put on our creative thinking caps.

St Johns provided an awesome setting for the film which featured many North Pole and grotto related sceneries which were enjoyed by all aged visitors. The main purpose of the promotional video was to attract a new audience towards the garden centre as well as showing off the seasonal changes for the regular and local customers.

Having seen many really great Christmas videos for businesses in recent years we wanted this to have a special feel this and have it to stand out amongst the rest, we narrated the short film to follow the perspective of a small child exploring through the garden centre in search for Father Christmas while travelling past many of the garden centres top selling products for perfect product placement for the client.

The video was a huge success straight away with thousands of people watching and sharing the video across social media, local radio stations were mentioning how good it was and the feedback didn’t stop all Christmas period!

‘Absolutely brilliant, well done to the producers who directed and produced this’ – Ron, Radio Caller

‘Much better than the Sainsbury’s (Christmas) advert’ – Penny, Radio Caller

‘Magical, Wonderful, Lovely, Beautiful, Excellent’ – Numerous Radio Callers

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