South Molton Area Guide

As part of our video series for Webbers Estate Agents we produced a South Molton area guide video, this is to showcase their office locations around the South West. This video needed to highlight the best aspects of the local area, including outlying villages as well as amenities and events in the town such as the cattle market.

Using a mixture of aerial and ground based footage we highlighted the key areas of South Molton and the surrounding villages to showcase the area as best as possible. We utilise top of the range drones for our aerial footage as it gives a great perspective to our content and views that people don’t normally get to see, alongside this we have high end equipment to produce stunning shots from the ground, these include tripods, sliders, steady cams and tripods.

Aerial Footage adds extra depth to your video content. Aerial shots tend to hold viewers attention for longer on social media, as it’s a view they haven’t seen before and everyone loves a drone shot, right?

There is no other form of marketing that can offer such impressive results and reach audience in such a small amount of time, imagine what a successful video could do for your company, why wait to find out?

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The combined forces of Webbers Fine & Country and Panoptic Motion can make a real difference to the successful sale of your property.

Panoptic Motion’s ability to deliver large volumes of extremely high quality video content for our 16 offices has transformed the way we market property.

" Malcolm Prescott - Managing Director

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