Wedding Video | Sarah and Serle

We produced this stunning wedding video for couple Sarah and Serle. The wedding took place in a beautiful location and using a mixture of ground based cameras and tools such as Steadicams and sliders alongside aerial drone footage we truly captured the event from all angles and makes it a truly rememberable viewing experience.

Video is a fantastic way of capturing your special day, it can document moments and scenes that’ll take you through the entire story of the day, allowing you to relive those precious memories forever.

Our stunning wedding videos are always perfect for social media consumption, you’ll be able to share your special day with guests who were there or those unable to attend.

You may have already thought of photography for your wedding but have you thought of having a video as well? We are well versed in working alongside many photographers to help make your day an unforgettable experience.

Not only do we produce stunning closeup shots of the bride & groom, the venue and the service, we showcase the beautiful wedding location with the use of our aerial drones, this adds and unforgettable and unrivalled angle of your special day. At Panoptic Motion we pride ourselves on creating simply breathtaking and stunning films. Capturing the tiny intimate details is what makes a video so special and makes you want to cherish it forever.

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