Retail North Devon Video

We were tasked with creating a series of short snappy videos to be used as a promotional marketing tool for the North Devon area. The clients North Devon Marketing Bureau wanted these short videos to showcase on their social media accounts as well as their website to promote and encourage more business and tourism for the beautiful coastal region.

This 30 second promotional video was targeted at the wonderful food and drink supplied along the coast, as well as showing off the stunning locations where the food can be found. The video had a huge success in the first few weeks of going live on the websites and social medias such as Facebook and Instagram, we also had great feedback for locals who watched the video and saw their hometown in a different light due to the unique and creative angles we used.

“Videos such as this make me take our beautiful home for granted, its such a wonderful part of the world, not just our country.” – Facebook user comment.

Promotional video works, its sets you apart from your competition and gets the audience engaged in what you are trying to promote. Consumers would much rather spend 2-3 minutes watching a promotional video, than spending 20-25 minutes reading the same text you can portray in a short video.

There is no other form of marketing that can offer such impressive results and reach that many people in such a small amount of time, imagine what a successful video could do for your company, why wait to find out? Contact Us.

North Devon Marketing Video

Following the North Devon Marketing Bureau’s “I’d Rather Be In North Devon & Exmoor”, they have been looking for a video to showcase the beauty of North Devon to use on their social media.

We were tasked with producing a film with a mix of aerial, ground and marine based film methods. We selected some of the finest shots of North Devon we filmed throughout the year.

To capture these one of a kind angles we needed to use our specialists equipment including our specialist boat, the state of the art drones, cable cams, tripods and steady cams. We created a cinematic feel by shooting the footage in stunning 4K and using very unique angles that most of the audience would have never seen before.

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