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We were contacted by a unique and exciting holiday rental based in Lee Bay, North Devon to help showcase their amazing new treehouse recently erected amongst the forest. The company Ravendere Retreats, needed an special way of showing off their new lodge and promote the space to the public on sites such as Trip Advisor, who will instantly want to stay there after seeing our video along with the epic treehouse!

Due to the nature of the treehouse being surrounded by the tall trees, we had to film the location via our drones to set the location and pin point exactly where the holiday rental was in relation to the coastline and the forest. We managed to film a really cool and unique angle looking down into the treehouse through a small gap in the canopy. This obviously wouldn’t possible without the use of our specialist drones and it would have been a opportunity missed if we were to only film using traditional ground based equipment, drones give added production value!

Video sells, as the world goes digital, it’s clear that videos sell holiday cottages/rentals. The use of video is helping vendors sell more holidays than ever, it gives the customer great background knowledge before heading to the booking page of your site to finalise their decision. Customers will always chose the property that has the best information and knowledge surrounding it, why limit yourself to photos alone? video is your best friend!

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Treehouse Tripadvisor Virtual Tour | Ravendere Retreats

Ravendere Retreats Treehouse’s internal space is shown off by this Virtual Tour better than traditional photography. With our new breed of fully Immersive 3D / 360 virtual tours we are aiming to change the way that people view the property. Our new Matterport scanning technology creates a photo-realistic immersive experience, allowing prospective guests and customers to visit and explore attractions online as if they had physically stepped foot inside the property itself.

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