North Devon Wedding Videos | Malcolm and Leonie

This was one of our North Devon Wedding Videos created for Malcolm and Leonie for their special day. Using a mixture of ground based cameras and tools such as Steadicams and sliders alongside aerial drone footage we truly captured the event from all angles.

Video is a fantastic way of capturing your special day as it can capture moments and scenes and take you through the entire story of the day, allowing you to relive those precious memories. These videos are always perfect for social media consumption, sharing with guests who were there or those unable to attend.

You may have already thought of photography for your wedding but have you thought of having a video as well? We are well versed in working alongside many photographers to help make your day unforgettable.

Not only do we produce stunning closeup shots of the bride & groom, the venue and the service, we showcase the beautiful wedding location with the use of our aerial drones, this adds and unforgettable and unrivalled angle of your special day.

Contact Us, if you’d like a stunning wedding video for own so you can look back on the memories for a lifetime at your request.


I still haven’t finished viewing my photos but I have viewed our wedding video 15 times already, I love it, thank you all so so much!

" Leonie Prescott -

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