Accident & Emergency

North Devon District Hospital got in contact and asked for our help to create a short instructional video which could be displayed on the tv’s around the A&E waiting rooms. The short video was set out to encourage visitor to think twice about their illness before visiting the department, as valuable time and resources are needed to treat everyone cases differently. The NHS wanted to portray the message, if you don’t have a serious or life threatening injury i.e cough or a slight cold, you shouldn’t be in A&E, as you’re not only taking away doctors/nurses time from more serious treatments, you’re also wasting your own time for adding to the growing list of patients.

We spent the day working in A&E with full access to all staff members and treatment rooms, we carried out a number of interview with doctors and nurses to give them chance to explain the complications of the Emergency department’s resources.

The short videos have been running in the waiting rooms for a few moths now and we’ve had great feedback from staff and visitors alike, the video also features on the NHS social media platforms as well as popping up on online adverts.

Audience’s are much more likely to enjoy watching a short video that is 2-3 minutes long than reading the same amount of information in text form which can take 15-20 minutes to read, we make it easy for your target audience!

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