Froyle Park Testimonial

Linden Homes asked us to produce an interview video to showcase their buyers experience. They needed an exciting and engaging way to show off the homes along with the lifestyle that followed. By utilising this interview style its possible for the viewer to really relate to the message as they feel like they are not being directly sold to.

Video is a great way of selling homes, audience’s are much more likely to enjoy watching a short video that is 2-3 minutes long than reading the same amount of information in text form which can take 15-20 minutes to read, we make it easy for your target audience!

Why would you limit yourself? Don’t let still photography be your only weapon of choice, video is more engaging and exciting for your viewers. They’ll be able to gain so much more from watching a video of their potential new home i.e they can imagine themselves living in the home a lot easier rather than just looking at still photos.

By working closely with Estate Agents and Holiday Cottage providers we have an enviable reputation as specialists in the production of high quality property videos. Our cutting-edge drones and mast-mounted camera systems will showcase every property from the best angles, capturing the views that will sell your property.

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