Holiday Cottage Summer Campaign

Our good friends at Travel Chapter and asked us whether we would produce a video for their holiday cottages summer campaign, to which we enthusiastically agreed and got to work. We agreed that we wanted to capture what it meant and really felt like to be a part of those unforgettable moments on holidays with family or loved ones, the ones which inevitably become memories of a lifetime.

In order to bring these moments to life, we used our state-of-the-art drones and mast-mounted camera systems to capture exactly what it was that gives people those nostalgic and unbeatable feelings. The outstanding equipment that we have at our dispense gives us that step-up in being able to film the situations that were desired. It gives us the ability to make the viewer or potential client truly feel the realism of what was is wanted to be portrayed. In addition to this, aerial footage adds extra depth to the video content, providing shots and cinematographic views which are inaccessible by foot, producing completely unique and unseen shots from a bird’s-eye-view.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, our crew and their expertise, we believe that as a team we are able to bring to life whatever our client is wanting to portray. Whether it’s a coastal/waterside property, a luxury country estate or a working agricultural land, our stunning video productions will showcase your properties in the best light. Plus, you can introduce your potential clients to the surroundings with our area guides, tailor-made to show the local towns, villages, countryside and beaches. The list is endless to what we can do for you!

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