Exmoor Snow 2018 ‘Beast from the East’

Following on from the eventful weather we had this winter, the ‘Beast from the East’ decided to change things up once more and delivered some serious snowy blizzards across the length of the country. The UK came to a sudden standstill as the conditions overcame the ability to travel and complete everyday tasks, but us being us…. we decided to head out into the worst effected areas across Exmoor to explore and have some fun in the snow!

Using all of our filmmaking drive along with the specialist equipment including our 4×4 offload truck kitted out the top of the range technology, we headed straight out to make the most of the unique weather to capture some very special footage of the beautiful Devonshire/Somerset surroundings.

Whatever the weather we will be out there! It takes a lot for us to turn down a job especially one where we can have some fun at the same time..

Panoptic Motion are here to make you look good no matter the conditions, contact us if you need video hero to save the day.

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