Elegant Arrivals Promotional Video

Elegant Arrivals are a local company that offer unique and luxury cars to hire for your special wedding day. They contacted us asking to help with a promotional video which showcases a few of the cars they have on offer. Using video really helps show the characteristics of each car and gives the customer a much better understanding of the luxury car they are thinking about hiring, which you can’t do with just a stock photo.

Having the rolling shots of the car right in front of you is a great way of letting the customer visualise themselves in the car and picture their chosen venue as the setting, having multiple different angles inside and outside of the car lets the audience feel as if they know the car already and will make them feel so much more comfortable in their big day, which is what you need!

As stated above, the visuals and audio you get across on video cannot be replicated through the use of standard and traditional still photography, why limit yourself when you can have the full package! A staggering 96% of customers have a positive perception of video use and will always want it over the use of photography on a webpage.

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