Croyde Area Guide | Goldcoast Oceanfest

As part of our campaign for Goldcoast Oceanfest festival in Croyde we created this Croyde Area Guide as part of a series of short 15-30 second teasers. Each teaser would focus on a different aspect of the festival and would be used for their social media campaign. This particular video focused on the beautiful location of the festival in Croyde.

We created snappy, punchy videos that were easily digestible and optimised for social media and sharing. We used quick, vibrant clips to sell the festival as a fun and exciting place to be.

We utilise DJI Drones for our aerial footage and find it adds a great perspective to our content and views that people don’t normally get to see. Four our ground shots we either use Panasonic GH4’s on tripods, Sliders and Steady Cams.

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