The Catch

Coombe Fisheries are a leading seafood processor based in the South West of England. They approached us with a large project, namely creating a new website and accompanying promotional video content.

During pre-production we decided to produce a video showcasing the journey that their produce takes. From fishing through to the final stages of processing in their state of the art facility. This meant we could tell the story behind their produce, which is what really sets them apart from their competition.

Promotional video works. It sets you apart from the competition and really lets your audience engage with the product or service you’re promoting. Consumers would much rather spend 2-3 minutes watching a promotional video, than spend 20-25 minutes reading the same text you can portray in a short video.

In the modern era, no other form of marketing can offer such impressive results and gain such a high level of engagement in such a short space of time. Imagine what utilising promotional video could do for your business, contact us to find out!

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