Beachside Property Video

John Smale & Co know we specialise in producing top quality beachside property video content and instructed us on this unusual property. This is the type of property that wouldn’t come on the market for a long time and tends to stay in the family. With access to the property through a farmers field its slight unconventional by todays standards but non the less one of the best opportunities for a property like this in the south west by far.

We were briefed to really make sure we gave potential viewers a real sense of where the property was located. To achieve this we worked from almost 5 different locations with the drone. We do this in order to keep within the distance limits we are bound to adhere to by the CAA. Our editor decided to use a very long shot with the use of a location marker, Normally we would avoid such long shots however we felt it necessary in this instance to really show the properties stunning location.

We have a long term relationship with John Smale & Co in Barnstaple and carry out their video work. If you have a property listed with them please either contact us directly or speak to them about the value of video content!

Using a mixture of aerial and ground based footage we highlight the key elements of the property and the land with it. In some situations we show off the lifestyle element of the property by showing off the local area and scenery nearby. We utilise DJI Drones for our aerial footage and find it adds a great perspective to our content and offers up views that people don’t normally get to see. For our ground shots we either use Panasonic GH4’s on tripods, Sliders and DJI Ronin Steady Cams.

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