Aqua Platinum Building Phase Video

Aqua Platinum have an extremely busy couple of years with lots of amazing projects taking shape. We have the honour of following the journey along side and documenting the unique stages of each build. This project is filmed a the Headland Hotel based in Newquay, Cornwall. This was an ongoing project filmed over a period of months, each visit was planned so that we could capture an important section of the building phase i.e the cement laying, foundations being set or the final wipe down.

The first video (visit 1) was a chance for us to set the scene and showcase the surroundings of the pool/hotel alongside documenting the early stages of the build, this will then roll over perfectly to the second visit, a few moths later to capture any changes.

Visit 2

Our second visit features more of the technical stages of the build including the installation of the pipes and water treatment in the plant room. It was incredibly important that we documented this as Aqua Platinum pride themselves on their perfect installations alongside the design of the pool. Its also a great reference point to look back on in the future to remember how the treatment room looked at day one, great for training purposes or health and safety which Aqua Platinum use frequently.

Visit 3

On the third visit the focus returned to the pool build itself and more hands on, with lots of machinery being used and different techniques of plastering and materials being applied around the walls of the pools. This is an ongoing project and we very much look forward to our future visits to this site to continue the journey of the build.

Watch this space.

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