Alta Mura

Explore Alumitech’s most expansive project yet, Alta Mura, a bespoke new build situated along the river bank of Shaldon. This contemporary, luxurious property seamlessly incorporates Alumitech’s distinctive architectural design elements throughout and as shown in their brand promotional video, the project completion has been a huge achievement for the whole team at Alumitech.

The main challenge for this property was capturing the curved element design and showcasing the panoramic views across the bay. In navigating the visual narrative of this project, our primary focus was on encapsulating the spacious views created using their specialised aluminium windows as well as showcasing those fine details. Our skillful camera operators used an artful exploration of angles and perspectives to best show off these details and as for the views – they speak for themselves. To expand on this dynamic video, our drone operators took to the skies to present this stunning design from the other side of the bay and beyond.

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