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In 2016 we got the amazing opportunity of working with Surfing GB as their official video production team. As a business, we have always had a strong connection with surfing. Many of us in the office are surfers ourselves and we live in a part of the South West home to some of the best waves in the UK.

Taking this opportunity for us was a no brainer. It meant we could travel around the UK following the Surfing GB events schedule and film in some of the UK’s most stunning coastal regions. All whilst being in the presence of GB’s top and aspiring professional surfers. And of course it was also an excuse to throw a board or two in the back of the vehicles for quick surfing breaks.

fistral surf event site

The event site at Fistral, Newquay.

Captured earlier this summer

Surfing GB (soon to merge with the English Surfing Federation) is the governing body for surfing in the UK. They provide events, support and training to surfers across the UK. Over the past 6 years they have been instrumental in helping promote surfers and the British surfing scene, gaining support from the ISA and WSL. Furthermore, Surfing GB provides vital recognition to Surf Schools and also insurance to its members. Nick Rees, has been Operations Manager of Surfing GB for the last 4 years. during this time, he has grown the brand from the ground up into what it is today.

“The Aerial footage for our Surfing GB National Surf competition finals was a game changer for us, we expected drone footage, but what we got was a professional service that blew the minds of our viewers.”

He has been the driving force behind promoting the events through video production. We teamed up with Nick and Surfing GB as we knew there was a plethora of content waiting to be captured through our 4K cameras and also through the latest drone and aerial video technology. Nick had this to say about working with us last year, “The Aerial footage for our Surfing GB National Surf competition finals was a game changer for us, we expected drone footage, but what we got was a proffesional service that blew the minds of our viewers. The footage was engaging, HD and insane to view. Our content reached global audiences across social media, National TV and printed press. Working with these guys certainly enabled us to reach far bigger audiences than we have been used to. We have booked them in for further filming work for us! Highly Recommend.”

Aerial filming provided some of the best results.

Working in these stunning coastal landscapes also presents unique challenges for filming and editing. We used our 4x4 ATV Land Rover as the hub of our filming and also our on site editing suite. Mobile internet access meant that we could upload content live to social media channels as it was unfolding at the event. This gave Surfing GB a way to connect with its members and fans that it had never had before.

Filming surfing from drones, while risky, proved to be one of the most successful and visually dynamic ways of capturing the events. Following the waves from the surfer’s level meant we could get engaging footage hardly ever captured before in the sport of surfing. Skilled flying was however essential, nobody would be best pleased with landing the latest DJI drones into the Atlantic.

We have yet more exciting things planned with Surfing GB this year. We can’t wait for the events cycle to kick off again! Yew!

Are you a budding surfer wanting professional filming or ‘sponsor me’ footage? Get in contact with us!

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