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It's only water! /

We specialise in all things wet when it comes to video production, so don’t let a bit of water get in your way. We operate our own Offshore RIB specially adapted for use as a film boat and UAV launch platform, which allows us to create unrivalled unique angles for your videos.

We don't mind going in /

Our team are capable of filming from the water with surf and dive housings for all cameras and film equipment. We’ve even been known to film from jet skis, kayaks, rubber rings… we really aren't fussy, try us!

Floating Drone Airport /

Maybe airport is a bit strong? Our film boat is specially adapted for us to operate drones from. We can film on the move allowing us to cover much greater distances. This also ensures we maintain a safe distance at your busy event!

Film Boat for Hire /

Were not in it for the glory. We often work on a freelance basis offering our expertise in this field to other production companies. Our piloted RIB is also available for hire to your own camera operators or other specialist maritime film crews.

Check out our work in our maritime showreel. From M.O.D to commercial ribs we’ve shot a wide variety and we work from our specially adapted film boat, meaning we can film from the water at any given time and place!

Do you need your event to be filmed from the water? If so, we’ve got you covered!

Having the ability to use our specially adapted film boat allows us to get into those hard to reach places with ease. Our boat also acts as a platform for us to fly our drones, this creates those exciting and unique angles that you’ll see in our previous work, which would be impossible to capture while on land and foot.

The limitations for your videos have been shattered! Anything is possible.

Clients we've worked with /

“Looking at this aerial footage has reinforced my opinion that footage like this is absolutely essential” Rob Lamerton - Officer In Charge - Craft Trials & Training Squadron