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Influence Your Buyers /

70% of car buyers who use video as a form of research are heavily influenced by what they have watched, the views on Social Media of test drives, car features and walk-throughs have doubled in the past year and is only going to increase. The Automotive video industry is taking off, don't be left behind!

Video Sells /

As the world goes digital, it's clear that videos sell cars. The use of video is helping dealerships sell more cars than ever, it gives the customer great background knowledge before heading into the showroom to finalise their decision. Video is your best friend!

Expand yourself /

The visuals and audio you get across on video cannot be replicated through the use of standard and traditional still photography, why limit yourself when you can have the full package! A staggering 96% of customers have a positive perception of video use.


Check out the best of our automotive work from the past year. From gleaming Ferrari’s to mud-drenched Landrovers we’ve filmed it all and love getting stuck in with fresh and energetic videos!

Having covered many different categories of vehicle, it gives us a great understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to shooting a certain breed of car.

We specify each video to match the style of the motor we are filming, this gives the audience a sense an understanding of how the car feels and acts through the power of film.

We love all things automotive, who doesn’t right? Do you need a Car or Vehicle to be showcased? If so, we hope to provide you with a awesome video in the future.

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“The Panoptic team made the whole process clear from the beginning. Nothing was too much trouble and the end result is spectacular.” Rowena Richardson - Marketing Manager
“This is a complete game changer for our digital marketing strategy.” Liz Wrench-Buck - Director