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The Goldcoast Oceanfest team approached us to produce a super cool Festival Aftermovie. Oceanfest festival is located at Croyde Bay, North Devon and is unmatched on the festival circuit for its views and beach access! The oceanfest team were very relaxed about the brief and let us do what we thought best. Over the weekend we had a team of 3 working on the project. We had to set up a satellite office backstage to deal with the shear amount of footage we were collecting. The guys also kept someone shortlisting and editing short social media clips through out the weekend.

We teamed up with SWG events to live stream our drone footage to the big screens they were operating at the festival site. This added a new dimension to the on site festival production and we received lots of great feedback from it!

Our team used a huge variety of shots and filming techniques. They include everything from the standard tripod shots, Hyperlapse, Aerial footage, Stop Motion, time-lapse, Steady Cam and Point of view. Our geeks even had to make up some of our own camera mounts and systems for a few of the intricate shots. The editing process was good fun but with over 24hours worth of footage to go through we had our work cut out. Jamie (one of our editors) put out the first draft no less than 48 hours later and we awaited instruction from the Oceanfest Team to release at a more social media friendly moment later that week.

Panoptic Motion utilise DJI Drones for our aerial footage and find it adds a great perspective to our content and offers up views that people don’t normally get to see. For our ground shots we either use Panasonic GH4’s on tripods, Sliders and DJI Ronin Steady Cams.