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Here at Panoptic Motion we are event video production specialists, capable of producing stunning videos from air, land and sea to cover every occasion from every angle

Looking for engaging video content for your next event?

We are leading event videographers, with a portfolio in our back pocket that ranges from wedding videos, small corporate events all the way to larger scale festivals.

Event Videography
Music Festival Video
  • Help drive sales by creating engaging video content showcasing previous years that gets people excited.
  • We work fast… We can produce teaser videos from location to keep your social media feeds buzzing.
  • Our skilled post production team will create awesome video content to put out post event The team also use this opportunity to archive footage for use before your next event.
  • We utilise Cable cameras, Drones, Mast systems, Waterproof housing and conventional systems to show every angle of your event. At Panoptic we can also live stream feed to your big screens!