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When Devon 4X4 created their bespoke Bamford X Defender Landrover for a client they needed a video to showcase it in action. Using our range of equipment we were well placed to capture these action moments from the air and ground.

Using our 96fps cameras we were able to record the action shots in stunning slow motion, whilst our drone operators captured new and unique shots from the air.

These were mixed in with tight close ups of the vehicle, showing off the craftsmanship that went into assembling it

DEVON 4X4 Logo
Bamford X Defender Landrover

At Panoptic Motion we are not afraid to get stuck in, and get caked in mud in order to capture the best angles and shots for your business or product.

We have a range of equipment to capture all sorts of action events and products and with our range of drones we can capture stunning content from the air, as well as from the sea using our RIB boat, and from the ground with our GH4’s, Ronin Steadicam and sliders.