The Challenge

The challenge was to create a behind the scenes video that shows what happens on a daily basis at Panoptic Motion. We decided to focus on just one day, to show how much work goes into each video and how many different projects we juggle. This video needed to be short and snappy for social media. Its an example of the #ADAYINTHELIFE style videos we can offer your business.

The Solution

Using a combination of our equipment we filmed an entire day behind the scenes at several different locations. To show the whole process we began with the (early!) morning and went through the whole process, culminating in the editing phase. We edited together footage taken of us working with the resulting finished product to showcase the cinematic edge we can give our footage.

We utilise DJI Drones for our aerial footage and find it adds a great perspective to our content and views that people don’t normally get to see. Four our ground shots we either use Panasonic GH4’s on tripods, Sliders and Steady Cams.

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